About Us

PaperAdz is a 360 degree paper cup branding & advertising agency well known in the field of creative advertising and constantly working towards creating creative strategy & solutions for various brands.
We are creative and tech savvy and help brands in all the aspects to grab the customers attention with innovative designs to target the right customers at the right time.
We provide our clients complete end to end offline advertising solutions from brand promotion to brand activation to tracking of the campaigns.
For us, it’s not just another design that we’ll be creating; it’s a relationship that we build with our client.

What We Do?


  • PaperAdz is specialized in advertising on the paper tea and coffee cups, with our design and message we convert the tea stalls a discussion joint and help you promote your brand by targeting the right customers at the right time.
  • Maximum exposure time around 5-8 minutes with no distractions, gives highest brand recall at a very low cost.


  • PaperAdz offers a unique offering of brand activation to help you spread brand awareness amongst your target customers, through engagements and experiences.
  • Our Brand Activation strategy follow steps like identifying the target audience, ideation phase, design implementation, execution and evaluation.


  • PaperAdz provides complete details of each campaign with various insights and analysis reports to give you a 360° view.
  • We track multiple aspects of the campaign and provide a detailed report on all this aspects to help you evaluate the ROI and success of the campaign.
  • Based on the insights we also help you strategize the way forward.


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